The Komrads Halloween movie list

31 Oct The Komrads Halloween movie list

Good evening Dear Komrads,

We have something very special lined up for you this Halloween. The Komrads Halloween movie list. This little list features our favorite, most gruesome and just plain disturbing flicks which we love so much. Don’t get us wrong: We love a good slasher movie every now and then; But these ones cover more than just blood, gore and demons. Beware! These terrifying beauties are not for the weak and feeble… Only true Komrads can handle these ghastly shockers.


  1. From Dusk Till Dawn

Like always, Tarantino perfectly juggles a great storyline, an awesome cast, a grand vision and just about 300 litres of fake blood. Two criminals and their hostages unknowingly seek temporary refuge in an establishment populated by vampires, with chaotic results.



  1. Poltergeist

One word: Classic. You can not call yourself a true horror fan if you haven’t seen this old gem. A family’s home is haunted by… a Poltergeist. What did you expect?



  1. American Psycho

Although we do love the 1960’s original, our preference goes to the 2000 edition with Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman. He is a Wall Street yuppie obsessed with success, status and style. He boasts a stunning fiancee. Nice, right? Wrong. He is also a psychotic killer who rapes, murders and dismembers both strangers and acquaintances without provocation or purpose. ‘Nuff said.



  1. Cabin in the woods

Why have only one monster when you can see 30 of ‘em in one movie! Cabin in the woods has an endless array of elevators with monsters in every single one. It’s the CostCo of death, as they say.





  1. Battle Royale

The inspiration of the Hunger Games, but way better. If any country knows how to do batshit crazy, it’s Japan. This movie is so disturbing you can not not see it. In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of ninth-grade students and forces them to kill each other under the revolutionary “Battle Royale” act. This makes the Hunger Games seem like Monopoly.

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