The Dissection Of A Komrad 🔪

26 Apr The Dissection Of A Komrad 🔪

Did you know the vulcanised rubber sole of your Komrads makes the shoe flexible, yet very strong and durable? You probably didn’t. Today is the day we stop our fast-paced lives to think about the secrets and wonders of the Komrad shoe.


Camel sole
You may have already noticed that Komrads are made of two different soles: the camel sole and the white sole. The camel sole keeps you on your feet and prevents you from slipping, falling and eventually embarrassing yourself in public. It is skid resistant and protects the vulcanised, white sole.



Vulcanised rubber sole
The white sole is the soul of the sneaker. Without the vulcanised rubber sole, the shoe wouldn’t be as flexible as we know it to be. Because of the vulcanisation of the rubber, the material is very strong and durable. So, go ahead and kick a wall if you feel like it, your Komrads will survive. Your feet might not.



The canvas is undeniably the most loved part of the shoe. But did you know that the canvas fabric is actually very sustainable? That’s because the canvas is produced through sustainable fabrication methods and materials.



Ergonomic inside
Are you having a bit of a rough time? Are you in need of some extra comfort? That’s what Komrads are for. With its ergonomic inside the shoe provides you with extra comfort. You can easily take out the insoles and replace them with your own custom orthotics.

And that’s what dreams Komrads are made of.

Fun fact: our Komrads are still produced in a factory in Partizánske Slowakei, just like in the olden days.
Want to know more about the sneakers’ history and how they’re made? Read about it in this blog post.

x Komrads x

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