Komrads x La Fille d’O

09 Mar Komrads x La Fille d’O

Hommage meets Komrads

Murielle Scherre, leading lady of Belgian lingerie label La Fille d’O with amongst others Lady Gaga & Rihanna as customers, recently launched a gender neutral & completely black clothing collection Hommage. For her first photoshoot she saw a perfect match with our Black, White & Black/White sneakers.
And so we are very proud to be featured in her amazing first campaign.

(If you are as crazy about her collection as we are, know that it can take up to several weeks before your order arrives. All orders are made strictly on personal demand. Waw!)

Discover some more pics from her Hommage collection below.

All images by Murielle aka @aultreneveulxestre @lafilledo_therightthing


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