– Komrads sneakers, an iconic shoe throughout history –

08 May – Komrads sneakers, an iconic shoe throughout history –


The story of Komrads brings us way back in history and is scattered over inland Europe.

During Soviet Times the Czech Boot Company designed their trademark model, our Partizan Black&White, as an answer to the Western (American) shoe revolution where at that time the first sneakers popped up. Wanting to copy everything happening in the rich and free West, this specific model was designed and started his march through history. After a while the shoes even became a cult sneaker in the rest of Western Europe.


However production was discontinued in 2009 and the story would have stopped there if it wasn’t for a few Belgian devotees. They wanted to bring this iconic soviet sneaker back to life, but in a modern and urban way. They added some funky colors, check out our Lenin Cadet for example, and had some serious fun during quirky photoshoots.



Keeping true to its origins, the shoes are still produced in a factory in Partizánske Slowakei. Štefan and his family are still making these sneakers using the original shoe mold. Each mold weighing over 100kg all together. Heavy babies…

The typical process to create this kind of rubber sneaker is called vulcanization. It’s a process that makes the rubber stronger, yet still flexible and very durable. It was invented by Charles Goodyear, a name that rings a little car tires bell. And that’s why our shoes are very comfortable to wear and give just the right support to your feet.


After all these years the shoes are still handmade with a whole lotta luv and Komrads sneakers remain an iconic milestone, unparalleled in design, coolness and comfort.

Thank you Štefan! 😉


x Komrads x


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