Golden tip #1: How to clean your canvas sneakers

22 Jun Golden tip #1: How to clean your canvas sneakers

Hey, I know it’s not very rock ‘n’ roll, but we all have been at that certain point we wanted to clean our shoes (and didn’t know how to). Because you can’t be running back to your mum all the time with these kind of questions, I am here to help you. You’re very much welcome. 🙂

So here are my splendid cleaning tips! (And if you still decide to just throw them in the washing machine, don’t come crying you murdered your shoes).

1. NO washing machine. Under any circumstances.

Well, I would say it’s pretty obvious, but these shoes (especially the rubber and glue) aren’t made to be thrown in the washing machine. The movement of the machine, soap and warm water weakens the shoe and it will never be the same after.

On top of that the red inside color adds a soft layer of pink on light shoes. Which is a nice effect, I sometimes wear them like that, but you have to be into soft pinkish shoes of course. After a while in the sun, this slowly fades away, but you will always have a a very soft pink glow.

 These are my Partizan White’s straight out of the washing machine.

2. Take a toothbrush (or any brush or sponge you have laying around).

So now you know what not to do, it’s time to tell you what to do if you want to clean your canvas sneakers. The first step is brushing all the dirt away with a tootbrush or whatever looks like a brush and can do the job.

This is what a toothbrush looks like. You should be using this twice a day by the way.

3. Go to the shop and spend an hour looking for baking soda.

The older you get, the more aware you become of the fact that baking soda truly is a miracle send from above. Most of the time you will find it in the shop somewhere around the baking products. You can use it to make marvellous pies and cakes, but let’s focus on the shoes first.

Once you have found the baking soda (or Bicarbonate), make a paste of 50/50 water and baking soda. Mix it well and gently apply it on the sole and the canvas with the toothbrush. Make sure you covered the complete shoe.

 Take this picture with you to the shop so you won’t be spending hours looking for it.

4. Let the sun shine!

Leave the baking soda paste on the shoe for several hours (at least one) and let it dry in the sun and/or outside. The sun will bleach the shoe a bit, so for the darker colors I would advice not to put it in direct sunlight. Drying it outside is a good way to naturally and quickly dry your shoes (and clothes actually) without having to use a tumble dryer.

This is what outside looks like. You can use it for all kinds of stuff.




5. Wash away remaining baking soda paste.

Almost done now. One of the last things to do is wash away all remaining paste from your sneakers with cold water. After this relaxing bath or shower for your shoes, leave them to dry like in step 4. Done!


And now you have a brand new pair of shoes! If not, buy new ones here.

(For the experimental souls out there, you can also try to use toothpaste.)


x Komrads x



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