Need my friends, need my KOMRADS

Komrads came, saw and conquered in colors; but now it’s time to expand even more. The second wave has started: this collection is the next chapter in their quest to bring nostalgia back to life. A new head of design has brought a wind of change to the brand, which resulted in a true Komrad (r)evolution. Intricate details, bold colors and a brand new design yet again sets a daring statement to the world:

Komrads are on the rise.

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And then… We came in colors

Far far away, behind the fashion mountains, far from the country Badtastia, there lives the wild Komrad. It can roam free there among other wild Komrads, which can often lead to some romantic involvements. And we all know what happens when two happy Komrads get too close to eachother. So, after exactly 4 months, 3 days and 57 minutes of anxiously waiting, a brand new Komrad was born. This time, it was more colorful and bright than any other Komrad ever seen. The colorblockers were born.

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KOMRADS: Never Naked

Komrads is ready to proudly salute a future in which their role will undoubtedly be as ubiquitous as it once was, in the heydays of true street culture. Keeping true to their values and European heritage, Komrads started their invasion with a first wave of sheer nonchalance and audacity. Komrads: Never naked.

A new uprising has started

If it weren’t for devotees in Belgium, the story would have ended in 2009 when production was discontinued. 
In line with our European story, they kept Komrads’ story close to home. But, the only way for a true legend to live on is for it to find a new cause. The shoes, still produced in the original factory in Partizánske, have been summoned to a new era of cool, in which nostalgia is no longer a thing of the past. It’s a shoe that celebrates personality and rejoices over individuality.

Girl - Komrad Invasion

How it all started

When the Czech Boot Company designed its trademark model as an answer to the Western Shoe Revolution, it was completely unaware it was about to shape cult history. The shoe was a milestone in iconic footwear, unparalleled in design, coolness and comfort. The soviet sneaker quickly revealed itself everywhere as an unpretentious hit – turning it into an underground gem for years to come.

The legend continued to radiate its urban charm, appealing to hoards of eager adepts who dearly cherished this symbol of soviet craftsmanship.