• laugh
    We don’t GIF a sh*t

    In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve collected our favorite moments from our movie for all of you to share the merry and joy! *cough* Let these little gems be a beacon through that Christmas gore we all experience every year. Whether your grandma has......

  • Komrads halloween
    The Komrads Halloween movie list

    Good evening Dear Komrads, We have something very special lined up for you this Halloween. The Komrads Halloween movie list. This little list features our favorite, most gruesome and just plain disturbing flicks which we love so much. Don’t get us wrong: We love a good......

  • KI
    The October playlist

    Every month we provide you with some nice tunes. Our October playlist is filled with sunny vibes to conquer this autumn rain and drizzle. Earplugs in, world out....

  • 10628515_10202741919050139_5762920564285261349_n
    Komrads at You Better Ink Twice

    Ofcourse we like a good party or event every now and then. Working with CTRL Copy, we are supporting our local heroes at You Better Ink Twice (YBIT). Probably the coolest event you’ll ever hear of. At YBIT there will be a tattoo b2b screenprint......