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  • How to draw on your canvas sneakers

    What’s better than a pair of white Komrads? A pair of white Komrads customized with your own design! Last year we were part of the Footloose – The Musical premiere at Kursaal Oostende and we pimped up some Partizan Whites for the occasion. The result?......

  • Chackie Jam’s New Kicks

    Get ready to shake your booty to some new synth pop & electro punk rock jams! Chackie Jam is one of the three bands to win this year’s edition of “De Nieuwe Lichting”, a competition for bands and artists organised by the alternative Belgian radio......

  • Komrads rockin’ it with Steak Number Eight & Cis Deman

      Komrads loves a good band and good bands love our shoes. Cis Deman, from postrock – noiseband Steak Number Eight, is kickin’ it with our vintage red & white sneakers., a touch of wicked colour in his everyday outfits. Go give him a hug......

  • Golden tip #1: How to clean your canvas sneakers

    Hey, I know it’s not very rock ‘n’ roll, but we all have been at that certain point we wanted to clean our shoes (and didn’t know how to). Because you can’t be running back to your mum all the time with these kind of......